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Awesome Advice on How to Find Wedding Gifts for the New Mr and Mrs

We’ve already looking at the problem of engagement gifts, so now it’s time to move a step forward in time and look at wedding gifts for her and for him. We’ll also be looking at wedding anniversary gifts in the future so don’t forget to keep visiting us to see what ideas we’ve come up with.

wedding-gifts-for-the-new-mr-and-mrsWeddings have been a popular occasion for the exchanging of gifts for hundreds of years. It’s customary for guests invited to the wedding to give wedding gifts to the new bride and groom. Even those not invited or unable to attend can gift the couple a present to celebrate their union.

It’s become very popular nowadays for newly-weds to request cash for their gifts. And while there may be nothing wrong with this we happen to feel it’s a little impersonal, and it’s a good idea to add a physical gift as well. Many newly-weds are no strangers to living together, some may have already been doing it for years. Which makes the usual gamut of wedding gifts slightly superfluous. The couple already have all the pots and pans they need, as well as a stack of towels and bed linen piled up in the airing cupboard.

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Time to put on your thinking caps and come up with some ideas a little out of the ordinary, and to help you get started let’s share those that we came up with.

Think out of the box for your wedding present

Is it time for an adventure? – Do you think they might be ready for a heart-racing experience? Once the excitement of the wedding is over? Are they both always up for a bit of adventure? Give them a gift with the opportunity to get their adrenalin pumping, such as skydiving, rally racing, jet boat ride, zorba balling or something a little more sedate such as a hot air balloon ride.

Something small and sentimental – If you’d rather give the happy couple a cute and quirky gift there are plenty of wedding presents to choose from. A journal filled with your memories of their blossoming relationship, a picture frame filled with some friendly photographs, or a humorous book filled with funny tips on how to be a successful married couple are just a few of the options.

A gift that appeals to their love of food – We all love food, but if you know the couple have a shared passion your choice of wedding gifts is varied. Book a table at their favourite restaurant and give them a gift voucher to spend when they please. Cooking classes, tasting tours, afternoon tea at a top notch hotel, brewery tours and a dinner cruise are just a few suggestions.

Wedding gifts for her and wedding gifts for him – Couples gifts will be a sweet gift to give them on their wedding day. Bed linen that clearly shows who gets the best share of the duvet, a game that will settle the problems of being married, silver spoons clearly marked with his and hers.

For the groom who is getting in a dither with all the wedding arrangements we’d like to help by sharing some of the cutest gifts you can give to your bride.

Cute wedding gifts for her

Wedding days can be a whirlwind of stress, joy, family, friends and strained emotions so it’s always good for the bride and groom to exchange gifts meant just for each other. Your gesture doesn’t have to be costly but your wedding day is a great opportunity to inject some romance into such a special event. We’ve been looking online for some charming ideas and came across some we’d love to share with you.

Start her day with breakfast in bed – This is a really special gesture that can be used on many different occasions. Birthdays, Valentine’s Day and anniversaries can begin in the best way possible by treating your partner to breakfast in bed. And just because you’re not planning to wake up next to your bride-to-be on your wedding day it doesn’t mean it can be done. Organise breakfast to be delivered to her in bed, and it’ll be a relaxing way to start such a stressful day.

Write her a love letter – You might not get very much time to express your love for your wife on your wedding day, so write her a love letter to tell her how you feel. Or get some help from one of the bridesmaids and give her secret love notes throughout the day

Surprise her with a choreographed dance – This wedding gift for her has become a bit of a YouTube sensation, with videos being posted from all around the world. This is one of our particular favourites:

And if you’ve two left feet but a voice like an angel why not sing her a song instead? One brave guy we came across on YouTube is this one:

A chance to relax for a couple of hours – Wedding days can be a bit crazy, particularly for the bride and groom. Give your soon to be wife a couple of hours off before the big celebration with a relaxing spa treatment. She’ll be walking down the aisle feeling on top of the world.

If you’re one half of a soon to be married couple, or friends or family who know a couple of great people who are soon to be walking down the aisle, add to the memories of their special wedding day with wedding gifts that are given with love and affection.