Spoil your loved one with romantic gifts


Some Special Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Special Ladies

For the special ladies in your life, only the very best Valentine’s Day gifts will do, and choosing a romantic gift from the heart is the finest way to demonstrate your love and commitment to her. At this time of year, your wife or girlfriend deserves to receive a present that embodies your appreciation and esteem, so choosing special Valentine’s Day gifts that truly express your deepest heartfelt sentiments is the key to making her day memorable. Forget the standard supermarket box of chocolates or the wilting bouquet from the petrol station, hastily picked up on the way home. Instead, put in some extra time and thought, and select a token of your love that will delight her for a lifetime. If you need some inspiration for creative Valentine’s Day gifts for her, here we give you some unique suggestions.

Satin or Silk – Luxurious Lingerie for Every Lady

Lingerie is one of the most popular Valentine’s Day gifts for your girlfriend or wife, however it is very important to avoid the pitfalls of buying underwear for the lady in your life. First of all, you should bear her preferences in mind, rather than choosing something that you would like to see her wearing. Most women do not appreciate receiving a cheap-looking and rather tasteless pair of red, lacy undies or a suspender belt that they would never wear. Instead, elegant and timeless lingerie in luxury fabrics such as satin or silk is a much better alternative. Consider her favourite colours and styles, and opt for something subtle yet beautiful that will make her feel a million dollars. A gorgeous nightdress or robe would also be an appropriate alternative and is sure to impress. This deeply personal gift will not only delight your other half, but will also reveal how well you know her tastes.

Jewellery – a Gift From the Heart

purple-matched-set-for-valentines-dayWhich lady does not love to receive a beautiful jewellery set as a token of love on Valentine’s Day? Your girlfriend or wife is unique and special, so shouldn’t her present be one of a kind too? There are many jewellery gifts that offer something a little unusual, however one of the finest options is a magnificent glazed rose jewellery set from Eternity Rose. Comprising an elegant necklace paired with a pair of pretty matching earrings, each set is made from genuine natural miniature rose petals, intricately glazed and set in 24 karat gold. Available in a range of glorious colours from traditional red to vibrant blue, and from stylish white to contemporary purple, each set comes in a choice of two styles – a classic leaf emblem design and a modern loop theme, both encrusted with radiant synthetic diamonds. Every item has been handmade by skilled artists and is entirely unique, resulting in a spectacular and meaningful gift that is sure to take pride of place in her collection.

Romantic Gift Experiences – Memories That Last Forever

Not every Valentine’s Day present needs to come gift-wrapped. Instead, why not surprise the love of your life with a memorable gift experience that she will cherish for a lifetime? A romantic weekend break to Paris, the City of Love, where you can enjoy a moonlit cruise up the River Seine and sip a glass of champagne at the top of the Eiffel Tower, or a short break to Venice where you can ride in a gondola down narrow canals and share a pizza in St Mark’s Square, will rekindle the flames of passion in your relationship and show her just how much she is cherished. If your budget cannot stretch to an exotic or far-flung destination abroad, you can still impress her with an experience closer to home. A candlelit meal for two in her favourite restaurant or a pampering session at her local spa where she can completely unwind and relax would be an equally lovely way to demonstrate your love.

Designer Delights – Special Accessories For a Special Lady

For the lady that loves to look her best, a special and romantic gift would be a designer handbag or purse. Made from luxury leather and designed in a classic and timeless style, this is a present that is sure to impress the fashion conscious woman in your life. Alternatively, a high quality scarf or pashmina made from silk or satin is certain to be treasured, forming an essential part of her wardrobe for many more happy years to come.