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Traditional Valentine’s Day Essential Gifts

By on Jan 2, 2018 in Valentine's Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day means hearts and flowers, champagne and chocolate, big romantic gestures and sweet nothings. Whether you are a cynic who sees Valentine’s Day as a holiday promoted by Hallmark to boost sales in the quietest month of the retail calendar or you’re someone who loves the indulgence of Valentine’s Day, you can still show your significant other just how much they mean to you. Expressing love to our sweetheart may be something we don’t do often enough as we get caught up in life’s challenges, so use Valentine’s Day to let your beloved know just how loved they are. We have listed some traditional Valentine’s gift ideas here, to get you started:

Sweet and fragrant roses

The most traditional gift on Valentine’s Day are flowers. Whilst red roses are the most popular Valentine flower for their representation of both love and passion, buying your sweethearts favourite flowers will make her heart sing too. If roses are too much of a cliché, consider bright Gerbera daisies which will lighten any room. Deliver these to their workplace yourself for extra points, Even if you are asked to leave the flowers at reception.

traditional Valentine’s gift

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy chocolate… and that’s the same thing

Valentine’s Day is as much about chocolate as it is about flowers. Keeping it traditional with chocolate does not mean buying a cheap box of chocolates from the local garage whilst you pay for your petrol. Choose the best chocolates you can afford. These can be handmade chocolates in a range of traditional fillings from caramel to strawberry cream or try some unusual flavours such as dark chocolate with red chillies or perhaps chocolate combined with crispy bacon.

Valentine’s Day gift - chocolate

Customised chocolate

Personalise chocolate by creating your own wrapper. Add a photo and a sweet or saucy personal message too. If you’re not sure about the look you want, ask a graphic designer online to provide you with a mock-up of your ideas. Companies exist that will do all the work for you and the chocolate is good too, being either Lindt or Belgium. If your beloved isn’t so keen on chocolate you can satisfy the sweet tooth with customised messages on bags or tins of savoury or sweet biscuits.

Valentine’s Day gift - customised chocolate

Write a love poem

Whether sincere or saccharine, a love poem is an essential traditional gift on Valentine’s Day. Whilst you can leave it to Hallmark and other card manufacturers, there is something special about using your own words to let your loved one know precisely what it is that makes them so special in your eyes. If you find it challenging to find the words, think of the words of your favourite song or go online and search for love poems to give you ideas. If you are really stuck, use a love poem generator app that will help you find the words to express your passion.

Valentine’s Day gift - love poem

If music be the food of love, play on

Finding the right music can create the perfect romantic mood for Valentine’s Day. Download a play-list that suits you and your partner. This could be the mellow sounds of Michael Bubl or if you want something a bit more rock or unusual, try the Alice Cooper ballad How You Gonna See Me which tells the story of a man returning from rehab who wonders if his wife will accept the new him. N.I.B by Black Sabbath also have a love song that finds Lucifer falling in love and trying to seduce a human woman, it sounds like it shouldn’t work, but it does.

 romantic mood for Valentine’s Day

Romantic massage

A massage is a perfect Valentine’s Day activity. Create a peaceful and loving environment and use oils rather than lotion, which tends to absorb too quickly. Scented oils such as sweet orange and neroli will lighten the mood. Rose and Ylang ylang will heighten sensuality whilst lavender is great for relaxation. If you haven’t got any essential oils, olive oil from your kitchen cupboard will work. Meet your partner’s needs and trust your intuition to figure out what they like and what their body needs, or keep it simple and just ask. You can complete your massage with champagne and your favourite dessert.

romantic massage фор Valentine’s Day

Precious jewellery

When you think of Valentine’s Day, another traditional gift is jewellery. A heart-shaped pendant, diamond earrings or a stylish wristwatch are just some of ideas. Most jewellery stores have online shops that you can browse through. Jewellery that combines the romance of roses and diamonds make the perfect gift for Valentine’s day. Alternatively look for a decoration for the home. A gold dipped rose will last for eternity, just like your love. Have a look with your significant other to find the design she will most treasure, or make this a great Valentine’s Day surprise.

gold dipped rose for Valentine's Day