Spoil your loved one with romantic gifts


Having Fun With all the Family Will Make Valentines Day Really Special

Many of the people reading this page will be part of a family. What can you do with the kids, apart from pack them off to their grandparents for the day? We agree that the main purpose of Valentines Day is a celebration for lovers but it is also a day for celebrating love in all its various guises. So there’s nothing wrong with involving the whole family in the occasion. Many mums would consider it a very special Valentine gift if all the family participate in the event. Family relationships are just as important, and you can take this opportunity to show everyone of them how much you care and have some fun as well.

February 14th may be considered by many to include romantic candlelit dinners, flowers, chocolates and special Valentine gifts for her, but we think it should be a day when all the family can enjoy time together and show how much they care. Spend time with family during the day and you’ll still have plenty of time at the end of the day for a spot of romance.

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Start the day with a Valentine’s Day breakfast

Food is a great way to get the family in the mood for Valentine’s Day celebrations. You could make heart-shaped pancakes using a metal heart-shaped cookie cutter. Add some fresh strawberries and lots of whipped cream. You can also give the kids some other fruits such a blueberries, so they can have a go at creating some Valentine’s faces. There’s also heart-shaped toast, cookies and even fried eggs. Eating some fun and fresh food will be a great start to the day, but make sure you’ve got a positive attitude about the day. Don’t let on that you’re dreading the day because the kids will only pick up on it and wonder what on earth is going on. Try and make the day fun and light hearted by having a giggle with your family.

Send them off to school or work with love

family-love-14-februaryIf you’re planning to stick with the normal routine of school and work make lunch for those you can’t spend the day with. Cut sandwiches into the shape of a heart, make rice crispie cakes in a heart shape and add a spot of pink food colouring. Add a couple of heart shaped chocolates and even your teenage son will feel part of the action. If you can’t think of any tasty treats to pop in lunch boxes you can always add a special message.

Make Valentine’s dinner special

Unless Valentine’s Day falls on the weekend you’re going to need to find a way to fit your Valentines Day dinner for the family in between all the other commitments. You might have to bear in mind after-school activities, dancing classes or football club, before you get to sit down and eat. Therefore dinner doesn’t need to be complicated, just quick and above all fun. Make your own pizzas, or why not have fondue for dinner? That way everyone gets a chance to dip in something they like.

Make Valentine’s Day special for other people

valentines-day-ideas-for-herValentine’s Day is a day for spreading love to all those around you, not just immediate family. Take the opportunity to reach out to those that would appreciate a little extra attention. Deliver heart-shaped cookies to a local shelter or old folks home.

Let’s not forget our four-legged friends also need a little extra love. If your town has a local pet shelter deliver some bags of dog food. Give them a call a few days ahead and ask if there’s anything they need. It could be cat litter, toys for the animals or a donation for an immunisation programme.

Reach out and offer some of your free time to help a worthy cause. Or why not deliver flowers or treats for your kids teachers, children’s hospital or may be even make some homemade Valentines cards?

Make Valentine’s Day special with a family experience day

If you fancy doing something a little different this year for Valentine’s Day, and if it falls at the weekend why not do something fun with the kids? Wherever you live in the UK there are lots of family experience days you can enjoy.

  • Wildlife park family ticket
  • Trip to Alton Towers
  • Thames sightseeing cruise for the family
  • Sons and dads tank driving experience
  • Safari park family ticket
  • Visit Legoland
  • Family powerboat experience
  • Family tour of a local stadium
  • Spend some time enjoying the London Eye
  • Take a trip to London Zoo
  • Hire a Glampervan for the day and enjoy a picnic
  • A visit to the Eden Project and afternoon tea

Valentine’s Day is a day when we celebrate love, and it doesn’t just mean worrying about special Valentine gifts for her. The whole family can enjoy this special day and feel the love from all those around them. If you haven’t seen some of the members of your family for a while, take a few moments out of the day and remember to get in touch. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a day for couples, it should be a day when love is shared with lots of other people.

Valentine’s Day has been celebrated across the globe for centuries so let’s keep up the tradition. In today’s busy world it’s important to take the time to show the people around you how much you care.