Spoil your loved one with romantic gifts


How to Make Her Think You’re a Casanova with Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts

Are you one of those people who feels that Valentine’s Day is just another day when retailers do all they can to squeeze more cash out of consumers? With gifts getting cheesier and more unimaginative with each passing year? Have your efforts always felt a little contrived and lacking in the true feeling associated with Valentine’s Day?. Feelings of love and romance are what we’re referring to.

Time to start looking at this annual celebration a little differently and learning to appreciate the importance of finding gifts that reflect your feelings of love for another person. Every year it should be seen as a reminder of the feelings you have for each other and to show your partner a little romance. With our ever busy lives romance is a vital part of keeping love alive.

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Create the best day ever with romantic Valentine ideas

Romance is all about making your partner feel special, and there are plenty of ways you can do it. Taking her out for dinner, giving her romantic gifts are just two ways you can make your partner feel loved and cared for. A great gift to bestow on the ladies is your time, attention and appreciation. She’ll soon be swooning and feeling weak at the knees.

Do you feel a little out of practice? Have you forgotten the feelings you had when you first got together? Butterflies in the stomach, beating heart, fun and sparkle are all feelings that can be felt when your love is fresh and new. Why did it feel like that? Because you were putting your all into wooing that special someone, and romance was part and parcel of the package. You can however, bring back the magic and it’s not as hard as you think. It won’t cost a lot and really only requires a spot of planning.

Here’s how to inject a bit more romance into your relationship

Find ways to laugh and smile with your partner – Laughing and smiling is part of flirting, and flirting with your partner will make you both feel very special, and dare we say it, very sexy. Look into each other’s eyes and smile sincerely. If one of you is struggling to conjure up a smile it won’t be long before the smiles are shared. After all smiling is contagious.

happy valentines dayMake extra effort with your appearance – Making a little extra fuss over your appearance is going to make you feel good. And because you’ve make the extra effort to look good for your partner they’ll feel special as well.

Say something nice within earshot of your partner – Do you remember being a kid and overhearing your parents say nice things about you? Didn’t it make you feel great? It doesn’t change just because you’re all grown up either. Say something nice about your partner, making sure they can hear, and they’ll be feeling on top of the world for the rest of the week.

Try and do something different and fun – Doing something a little out of the ordinary will create a moment you’ll both remember for a long time. Forget all those things you do on a regular basis and think of something new to try. How about an indoor picnic, indoor camping, leave love notes for each other or enjoy a special bottle of wine? The fact that you made the effort to think of something different is what’s important.

Always take your time when considering what to spend the day doing and give your partner the best you can offer. Who knows, you might have so much fun and enjoyment you’ll want to repeat the romance more than once a year.

Don’t be afraid about getting all mushy, on Valentine’s Day it’s perfectly acceptable. Let’s give you some more romantic Valentines ideas.

Don’t be afraid to show your romantic side with these heartfelt gift ideas

The ideas we’re about to mention won’t be suitable for everyone. They’re just meant to make you think a little more about this important day. And help you to appreciate that some of the simplest gifts can be special.

Leave little love notes – These won’t cost you a single penny out of your wallet, just a moment of your time considering what you want to say. Leave a note in the fridge to tell them that you love them, a note in the car to remind them to rush home because you’ll be waiting, or a love letter on their pillow for when they wake up.

Breakfast in bed is a very romantic gesture – It’s Valentine’s Day so the least you can do is make a bit of extra effort first thing in the morning. If it’s usually your partner that rolls out of bed and puts the coffee on turn things round and bring breakfast for them in bed. If you don’t think your culinary skills are up to cooking anything why not splash out on a luxury champagne breakfast hamper? Provided you’re both going to be enjoying a day together rather than slipping off to work.

Pick up some romantic Valentine trinkets – Messages in a bottle, heart prints, personalised cufflinks, soundtrack from their favourite movie are just a few examples. There are plenty more to choose from that will melt your partner’s heart.

We hope that you’ve been at least a little inspired with our romantic Valentine ideas and with a little customisation your gift will be the best yet. If we’ve missed something that you consider worthy of a mention, get in touch and we’ll be sure to feature it in the future.