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Adorable Valentine’s Day Gifts For The Film Lover In Your Life

By on Jan 10, 2018 in Valentine's Day Gifts

movie lovers valentines giftIf your beloved is a film aficionado, there are some amazing gifts you can choose from for Valentine’s day. There are gifts for every film lover, whether they love contemporary or classic art house, indie, foreign or cult films.

Who’s That Knocking at My Door

For fans of Martin Scorsese’s debut feature film, classics Mean Streets, Taxi Driver and Goodfellas, Scorsese’s debut feature film Who’s That Knocking at My Door is a powerful drama shot in black and white starring Harvey Keitel as a young New York Italian who falls in love with an independent and free-spirited college graduate, played by Zeth Bithune. However he finds his values shaken when she reveals secrets about her past. The film introduces many of the themes and techniques that Scorsese would use in later movies.
Stormtrooper decanter

Perfect for those who love Star Wars, the Original glass Storm-trooper Decanter is created from the moulds of the stormtroopers helmets created by Andrew Ainsworth at Shepperton Design Studio in 1976. There’ is no need to stay cold on the icy planet of Hoth, just fill the decanter with 750ml of your favourite brandy or whiskey to help keep the Rebels far away from your door.

Star Wars origami

If a stormtrooper decanter doesn’t fit your brief, use the force for all kinds of good with a Star Wars origami set. There are books available that help you create Star Wars projects from Yoda to Darth Vader and you can even find origami paper that has some features art drawn directly from the film, so that the origami figures are even better that those made using plain origami paper.

Movie night in

Create the magic of the big screen at home with a Movie Night Inexperience. After the kids have gone to bed, get a pop-corn bucket and fill it with your favourite flavoured pop-corn and add the drink of your choice. Spread blankets on the floor and throw a few big pillows on it for a cosy touch. Light up some candles and fill the pop-corn bucket. Choose any romantic movie you like, maybe Casablanca, Sleepless in Seattle, Dirty Dancing or Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Sterling Silver Harry Potter Love Potion Necklace

love potion necklace - Valentine's giftFor fans of the Harry Potter movies, a replica love potion necklace from the movie is a great Valentine’s gift for someone you like, but have yet to tell them how much. Unlike Hogwarts where the potions can really work, in Muggle society this love potion necklace can work instead, made from sterling silver it comes in its own Harry Potter gift box.
Breakfast fit for a hero.

If Batman is the Dark Knight in your life, this egg cup and toast cutter comes with its own spoon so that you can simply pop the boiled egg in the cup, top the egg with the Batman mask and then use the cutter to cut out bat shapes from your toast. This is also available in a Superman set, and for your fair lady, choose Wonder Woman.

Unique collectible memorabilia

Search out some unique 35mm film cells and items that include genuine 35mm film cells that were used in cinemas. Film cells are available from a wide range of movies. For Valentine’s Day try a framed film cell from Disney’s Lady and the Tramp or have it incorporated into a book mark or a whole range of items.
The Collected Works of Hayao Miyazaki (More than Just a Box Set) Review

This collection of movies is more than just a box set. This is a collection that fan or animation or film should own. Hayao Miyazaki is the master of animated movies and considered the most original film maker in the industry. The box set is a celebration of his work that will never be replaced, never be recreated, and will never be forgotten. This Collection of original movie magic is something to cherish as it has such importance and historical value in the film industry.

Film can

The presentation of your Valentine gift is as important as the gift itself. A brand new film can direct from the BFI archives are the perfect solution as each can holds two standard DVDs. If you’re artistic, use the film can as a template on which to create a unique gift for your loved one.

The British Film Institute

For those die-hard film fans, membership of The British Film Institute (BFI) gives access to critically acclaimed films, hard-to-find gems, and cult favourites from across the globe. A BFI Member subscription offers priority booking and no booking fees for BFI Southbank and BFI Festivals. There are also guides, discounts and free tickets to exclusive events. Upgrade to a BFI Champion membership and your beloved also receives four free DVD’s each year.

If you want to make her happier, you can get some personalized and special Valentine’s gift for your special lady.