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How to Make an Investment in Your Future with a Valentines Jewellery Gift

Jewellery has become a very popular gift when it comes to Valentines Day. It is however fraught with danger. Are you sure you’re buying the right thing? How can you be sure you’re not buying a fake? There are plenty of other questions that’ll be going through your mind so read on and hopefully we’ll answer most of them.

Tips on buying Jewellery for a Valentines Day gift

Buying jewellery for your partner can be pretty scary, particularly if it’s your first time. You’ve got to decide between earrings, necklaces, bracelets or rings and you’ve also got the problem of picking the right thing. Everyone has their own personal taste but we can help with a few simple tips to help you find the right Valentines jewellery gift and put your partner in a good frame of mind for the rest of the year.

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Gold-Dipped Natural Rose

  • It perfectly combines the beauty of a natural rose and the majesty of fine 24K gold.
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Gold-Dipped Poker Cards

  • A playable deck of poker cards dipped in 24 karat gold.
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Does she prefer gold or silver?
Many females will have a preference when it comes to jewellery – Gold, silver, platinum or any other kind of material. Does she prefer classic designs or something far more chunky that makes a statement? Time to put your Sherlock Holmes disguise on and do some investigation. See if you can get a peek in her jewellery box, or look back over some of your old photographs, to get an idea of the kind of jewellery she prefers to wear. You might be surprised to know there are many jewellers who will make a custom piece, if you can provide a picture for guidance.

Try and keep it a secret
Get caught snooping in her jewellery box or let her best friend find you in the jewellers and your surprise will be ruined.
It’s true – Diamonds are a girl’s best friend
There aren’t many women who can resist diamonds. Whether they’re in a stylish bracelet, a stunning necklace or a classic pair of diamond stud earrings. And the beauty of diamond jewellery is it’s versatile enough to be worn everyday or just on special occasions. Pearls are another favourite with the ladies. Buy your sweetheart a classic pearl necklace or pearl stud earrings and you’re sure to win her heart.

earrings-valentines-day-giftUpcycle a piece of sentimental jewellery
Does your partner have an item of jewellery with huge sentimental value that she just doesn’t wear anymore? You can transform an old ring, for example, into a stunning pendant. If there is an item of jewellery that no longer fits but your partner can’t bear to get rid of it then have it refashioned into something new.

Don’t buy a ring unless you’re planning to propose
Buy your girlfriend a ring for Valentines Day and you might find yourself in hot water, unless of course you’re planning to walk down the aisle. Rings given as gifts for Valentine’s Day come with certain connotations. You might be better off buying her a diamond necklace.

Don’t leave it till the last minute
Don’t be a last minute loser and leave your gift buying until the last minute. And don’t spend weeks and weeks procrastinating over your decision. Before you know it the big day will be upon you and you won’t have a gift lined up for that special someone. If you want to give your beloved something unique you’re going to need a couple of weeks to get things organised.

A Valentines jewellery gift can be an investment in the future

If you want to buy your partner an item of jewellery for their Valentines gift you might want to protect yourself by understanding the following important rules. You don’t want to be fooled into buying an item of jewellery that’s not worth a dime. With a little bit of upfront knowledge you can save any embarrassment. Buying her jewellery that turns her ears green isn’t going to make you very popular.

Protect your investment by following these simple tips.


  • Educate yourself on prices – Understanding the average prices for certain precious metals and stones means you won’t get caught out by a price that’s too good to be true. If the item seems ridiculously cheap then it’s guaranteed to be a fake. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy something cheaper, because there are inexpensive options that are still ‘in’.
  • Check for hallmarks – Both authentic silver and gold jewellery will have a hallmark. This mark will tell you where it’s made and how pure the precious metal is.
  • Diamonds are a girls best friend, but only if they’re real – It might look like it’s real but unless you’ve got a trained eye is there any way to tell? One quick and easy way is to do the breath test. A fake diamond will fog up, whereas a real diamond won’t.
  • Buy from someone you trust – It’s important to buy from a retailer you trust. You can get a good understanding of online gift stores by reading some of the customer reviews. But you might be better off asking a friend or family member whether they can recommend one. Here at bestvalentinegift.co.uk we do everything we can to ensure the retailers we feature are worthy of your time.
  • Read the small print on the returns policy – It’s always a good idea to check out whether you can return an item for a refund, should you find your choice hasn’t gone down too well with the person you love. The window is often very short, and you may not get a refund in some cases.