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Ways to Be Romantic on the Cheap

By on Jan 19, 2018 in Valentine's Day Gifts

When you have a significant other in your life, you want to keep the spark alive in your relationship. You can do this by showing your love, respect and appreciation for each other often, not just on significant dates or holidays. Romantic gestures do not need to cost money, they do not always need to be grand either. Here we show you how to be romantic on the cheap, with some inexpensive tips that will support your relationship to flourish. Our ideas may include things that are obvious, but we hope they’ll inspire some ideas that suit you both.

The gift of time

romantic-dinnerWe cannot all afford to dine out at the best restaurants or take in a theatre show each week, but we can still make time to be with our beloved. Take a few moments to consider a few things about the time you spend together. Do you have any time at all where the two of you can just concentrate on you as a couple? Make a commitment to set time aside to spend a couple of hours together at least once a week, without interruption from anyone or anything. Such an amazing and romantic idea for your Valentine’s day to spend your time with your sweetie.

Real communication

A healthy relationship thrives on honest communication. Take time to listen to your partner talk about their goals, their dreams, their plans for the future, your current lives, things they’re happy about, things they want to work on, things they love about you and all the things they’re grateful for. Ask them to hear you as you talk through your own feelings about these topics. Of course, you’re not expected to have a talk about all these things in one sitting, and neither does it need to be an earnest talk, but the freedom to be honest and heard is a great Valentines gift to another.

happy valentines dayCommunication doesn’t need you to always be in each others company. If you’re working away, download some of your favourite songs or pieces of music that you think your sweetheart might like. Make sure you have good speakers or headphones for sound quality.

Write a poem or little love notes to each other, or send a love email every day. Save all these words and place them in a book or in a memory box that you can dip into at any time as a reminder of your sweetheart’s love for you. You could make this into a book by scanning mementoes, photos and notes and creating an e-book which can be printed later. This makes a lovely journal at the end of each year as you look back on how far you’ve come and what you’ve achieved over that time. You can also add things that made you think of your lover each day and to keep it real, add little notes for each way they drive you crazy!


Cook a romantic dinner. This could be pie and mash if that’s a favourite. You don’t have to be a great chef to have a romantic meal, since the romance comes as much from the setting as from the food. Make the table look good and add candles around the room for a soft light. Have some good music playing quietly in the background and make sure you won’t be interrupted by arranging childcare for the evening. Turn off all technology and just enjoy each others company. If you really cannot cook, order a take-out and buy some fruit and whipped cream for a decadent dessert.

In the summer, pack a sunset picnic. Pack some good wine and watch the shooting stars or feed each other strawberries dipped in chocolate. Once you have a picnic basket, it’s easier to go out any time.

It’s a wonderful world

24 Karat golf ballTake a moonlit walk on the beach, pick wild-flowers or take a walk down memory lane by visiting some of the places you went to in your early days of dating. Learn to dance ballroom or latin. Enjoy the outdoors with a game of competitive golf and in the winter when there’s ice on the ground stay at home and play poker. Make this a special night with some gold-plated cards like they use in Vegas casinos.

Keep close

The touch of your lover is priceless. Even a brush of their shoulder as you pass in the hallway is a good connection between you. Snuggle together on a rainy day or whilst watching your favourite television programme.

For more intimacy, play strip poker, blindfold your partner and slowly use a feather. Pretend to be teenagers and make out. Slow dance to romantic music. Use flavoured body paint. Be daring and try some sexy role-playing. Recreate your partner’s favourite romantic movie scene. Recreate the first time.

Say I love you. In a different way, every day.