Spoil your loved one with romantic gifts


Looking for Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day should be an important event in your life, whether you’re fresh into a relationship, or been married for many years. Some of you might be thinking that it’s just another Hallmark holiday, dreamt up by the marketing guys of the big retail chains. Valentine’s Day has actually been celebrated for hundreds of years. Yes, the big stores may have jumped on the bandwagon, but look at how many gifts they’ve given you to choose from. That’s got to be a good thing surely? Nowadays your Valentine’s Day gifts can come from all around the world.

Change the way you look at Valentine’s Day by understanding its history

valentines-gift-ideasValentine’s Day is essentially a ritual, one that has thankfully stood the test of time. It is thought that this special day has its roots in the Roman festival of Lupercalia. It was a fertility festival that included animal sacrifices, naked men, women being flogged with animal skins, and a lottery for the matchmaking. Thankfully things have moved on a little since then. The Romans were also known for executing a few Christian martyrs named Valentinus. The festival of Lupercalia was overturned by Pope Gelasius and replaced by St Valentine’s Day, possibly to dilute the pagan festival into something a little more chaste.

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Valentine’s Day, as we know it today, started to become popular in the Middle Ages, when courtly love became more fashionable. It wasn’t until the Victorian times that greetings cards were first sent on Valentine’s Day. Today, this special day is spearheaded by St Valentine, the patron saint of lovers, engaged couples and marriages.
Maybe now you might look at Valentine’s Day in a different light, and realise that it’s not about how money you spend, but a time to cherish the love you share and celebrate your coupling. Now we’ll get on with the crux of the problem. Finding the right kind of gift for your lady, and of course not forgetting your special man.

Valentine gift ideas for her

Do you fall into the camp that feels under pressure when Valentine’s Day is impending? Are you worried that all your efforts will be fruitless? You’re probably thinking that you’ve got to get the most perfect present, give it to her in the most perfect way, and do it all on time. Well, this isn’t so. It’s all about expressing your appreciation, for all the things that your lovely lady has brought to your life. Your special lady wants to feel recognized for all that she does. It’s not perfection your lady will be expecting; it’s appreciation. Are you sure you tell your wife often enough how much she means to you? Or does daily life seem to get in the way. Valentine’s Day is a day set aside for showing your feelings, so grab the bull by the horns and show her how much you care.
Now that we’ve opened your eyes to the feelings behind Valentine’s Day you should realise that you have to make her feel special. Therefore, when buying her a gift, it must be one that means something to her. If she’s not into jewellery, then a bracelet won’t go down too well. If she’s into sport, then front row seats at the ballet won’t be her cup of tea. Gift giving is an important part of this traditional ritual, and it will send the message that you want to love and protect her. If you’re feeling stuck for a gift, then at the very least give her a card. Then take her out for the evening and treat her to dinner. Without the kids of course.
And don’t take too long deciding, because your lady wasn’t born yesterday. “I’m just nipping out to the post box” is a bit of a lame excuse, when you’ve left things to the last minute and are desperate for a card. Thinking and acting well in advance will make her proud.

Valentine gift ideas for him

gift-for-manIt can be a bit of a challenge, choosing presents for your guy. You know exactly what you want, but the picture’s a little hazy when it comes to your man. If you’re lucky he might be happy with chocolates and flowers, but if not, then let’s help.
The aim of your gift is to show him how much you love him. For that, you need to know what he likes. Pay attention to his interests and buy him a gift that is related to one of these. He might also appreciate the kind of gift that makes his life easier or solves one of his problems. You need to ask yourself:

  • Will he get any enjoyment when using your gift?
  • Does he want the gift?
  • Does he need the gift?

On the whole, the male of the species looks on gifts in respect of their usefulness. If he’s going to be able to use your gift often, then it will be all the more appreciated.

Ideas for useful presents for your guy

A watch – While he might be permanently attached to his mobile phone, a watch can be more than just a way to tell the time. It is a fashion accessory and a statement of his style.
Aftershave or cologne – If your significant other half has a particular favourite you’d be made not to go with that. If he’s not yet discovered the delights of a manly scent, then it’s about time he started. So give him a scent you like.
Driving gloves – Men love driving and their cars, so why not buy him a pair of leather driving gloves, so he can feel like Sterling Moss.
Sexy lingerie – For you not for him. The pleasure he’ll get from this Valentine’s gift will be the joy of seeing you wearing it, and the anticipation of what’s to come.
Something to eat – You could prepare it yourself or take him out to a swanky restaurant.
Tickets to a special event – If he’s got a favourite sports team then buy him tickets to their next home match. If music is more to his liking, then buy him tickets to a concert by his favourite band.

There are a few more ideas on Valentine’s Day gifts for him and for her. Keep tuned for further updates, and make each Valentine’s Day more special than the last.