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How to Buy Valentine’s Day Flowers The Right Way, According to Florists

By on Jan 5, 2018 in Valentine's Day Gifts

Valentine’s day is the day for flowers. This is particularly true when Valentine’s Day falls on a weekday. Florists get more orders when Valentine’s Day falls on Tuesday through to Friday, and it’s likely this is because most women at work want a bouquet on their desk for everyone to see, wanting to see who has the best arrangement.

With flowers such an important and popular part of the day, it is wise to order them in advance so you’re not left to fight over the last wilting flowers in a store. Here are some more tips from florists to ensure you buy Valentine’s Day flowers the right way, for an arrangement that has style and class that will ensure you will get create the right feelings.

ordering bouquet for Valentine's Day

Ordering a Bouquet

Florists are artists and its wise not to tell a florist how to do their job. If you have a favourite florist who can create inspirational pieces, ask them to create a beautiful, romantic Valentine’s Day arrangement for the price you’re willing to pay and give them free rein to complete the task. You’re likely to get a much more exciting arrangement than you could have imagined and the florist will appreciate your trust in their work.

If you want particular flowers or colours, you will need to order in advance. Valentines Day is the busiest day in a florists calendar, with orders for flowers and their containers considered months in advance. Florists will usually order flowers for Valentine’s Day from their wholesalers from two weeks before the day, so book your specialist arrangement early if you can.

Valentine’s Day is traditionally a last-minute holiday, with three-quarters of those buying flowers being men, who usually make their purchase on the day. If you leave your order for the day itself, the florist can only create an arrangement from current stock which may limit your choice and may mean they are unable to deliver.

Red roses or…

Long stem red roses are not the only flower you can give to mark Valentines Day. If you choose other flowers, it shows that you have put some thought into your gift. Any tropical and spring flowers are popular alternatives to roses, perhaps try anthuriums or bold Birds of Paradise. If you do choose to buy red-roses make it extra special with a vase from a local artist or a vintage store that she can keep long after the flowers are gone.

… romantic alternatives

Be aware that flowers on Valentine’s Day have to be beautiful. Bright, high contrast florals like yellow and purple can be good as they provide a depth and contrast. Purple flowers also represent dignity, pride and success. It is probably wise to leave bright yellow Gerbera daisies for another occasion and opt for more classically romantic flowers. Flowers that are in white and soft neutral tones give a more romantic feel either given on their own or with some lush foliage like eucalyptus. White roses are absolutely stunning, and often pink roses are a little bit more fragrant than the others.

Work on your presentation

Once the florist has done their work to provide you with a beautiful floral arrangement, put some effort into your reveal to your beloved. Something as simple as holding them behind your back with one hand and then reveal. For a true surprise, hold a single long-stem rose that has been dipped in gold or platinum or otherwise coloured and glazed behind your back. This will be a flower that she can keep and display for years after the day itself. Then do a reveal to show that you’ve bought a rose that will last forever. These eternity roses are perfect if you have been known to have not put much effort into previous Valentine’s Day or to show your sweetheart just how much she means to you. It may one day become a family heirloom.
Left it to the last minute?

If you have left your floral gift buying to the last minute, there is still hope. Even if there are no flowers left at your local florist, go online and search for a florist that has a small selection of quality bouquets offering same day delivery. The small selection may equal larger volume of flowers, so choose a bouquet, add your romantic message and send. Send flowers a day early if you have to, so that she can enjoy the flowers from the moment she wakes on Valentines Day.

If you do buy a last minute floral arrangement that has seen better days, you can always make it up to your sweetheart with one of the dipped roses mentioned earlier. Then she has a rose every day of the year.