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Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Moms

By on Jan 17, 2018 in Valentine's Day Gifts

A Valentine’s Day gift for mom is a way of letting her know how much she is loved by you and the gratitude you have for her being in your life. You can send a bouquet of flowers, and she is sure to appreciate that, but here we add a few ideas that go beyond the usual gift of blooms.

valentines day gift for mom

Thoughtful Valentines Gift List For Your Lovely Mom

Gift baskets

A pretty gift basket can be bought already filled with an assortment of indulgent chocolates and sweet treats, or you can create one of your own, to include her favourite high-end hand cream, a scented candle, and a long lasting flowering potted plant, like a rose. Add plain chocolate truffles, but add her favourites too, perhaps strawberry or champagne, or a mixture of the two. For something really unusual add a carrot cake jam or a jam made with blackberry, vanilla and basil.



Flowers and jewellery are the most common Valentine’s Day gifts for mom, yet flowers wilt. Combine flowers and jewellery for her into one special gift she will treasure for years. Start your own tradition with a gilded natural rose to your mom that will last forever. Available in a range of colours, you can buy her an eternity rose every year, varying the colour until she has a unique bouquet she can display all year round and not just the 10 days after Valentine’s Day.

The written word

If you can write a letter to you mom to let her know how much she means to you, then write it. She will always keep this. If you’re not so confident with your words, go online and be guided to create a notebook listing all the reasons why you love your partner. You can chose and personalise each page so the book is unique. You even get to choose the cover and edit the title. You also make your characters look like you and your mum. It’s likely to be the sweetest, most sincere gift she’s ever received from you, giving all the little reasons why you love your mom, what you admire about her and much more. The pages are then professionally printed and bound in a hard or soft cover to last. If you and your mom are far apart, you can get the book delivered directly to her address.


A cosy cashmere blanket

Every mother deserves luxury, and the best of luxury. A cosy blanket made from 100 percent pure cashmere has a luxuriously soft feel. Know that your mom will be warm all year round, particularly with a blanket she can wrap around whilst curled up on the sofa. Choose her favourite colour or one that suits the décor in her home so that you know she will use it. This could include a twill weave, a diamond pattern, a combination of colours such as Bordeaux red/cream or charcoal grey/cream, ochre/cream or be as plain as you like.

Keepsake or memory box

A large pretty white storage box where you mom can store memories and trinkets is a great gift particularly if she’s a new grandmother. Personalise the box with names, a date or a message of your choice. Let the box be big enough to give her plenty of room to hold documents and memories. If you have the skill, hand pain flowers and butterflies on the box or choose a design you know she will like. There are some beautiful boxes to choose from, including those with an inside lining of felt, silver finish hinges, a little padlock and a wooden frame on the inside of the lid to hold a photograph.

Jewellery box

A delicate beech wood jewellery box is a beautiful Valentine gift for mum. If you do choose to gift your mum some diamond earrings or a pendant, give her a box in which to keep them safe. A box with three or four draws, plus a lift up compartment with mirror is ideal. This should have sections for rings and earrings with separate sections for necklaces and trinkets.

pendant & Earrings

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gold rose

Gold-Dipped Natural Rose

  • It perfectly combines the beauty of a natural rose and the majesty of fine 24K gold.
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Gold-Dipped Poker Cards

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Finger-print and hand-print jewellery

Once it was only possible to have fingerprints and hand-prints made in clay. Now your mom can hold you close to her heart with an engraved fingerprint heart-shaped pendant. If Grandma has grandchildren, the jewellery can capture their finger, hand or footprint and you can personalise the pendant further with names, dates or a message such as ‘Love you Mom x’. All you need to do is use a company’s impression kit and email them your finger, hand or footprint impressions so they can start creating a beautiful engraving design using laser to pick out the detail. All the artwork is sent to you for review and approval so there are no big surprises on the day.