Spoil your loved one with romantic gifts


Finding the Perfect Valentine’s Gift for a Boyfriend

When it comes to buying gifts for special occasions, things can be a little hard. Should you buy an item of jewellery, a book, backpack, a bunch of flowers or monogrammed pillow cases? Possibly not very good examples, when it comes to buying a Valentine’s gift for your boyfriend. But hopefully, you get the picture. There’s so much to choose from that it’s difficult to know where to start.

There are different routes you can choose to follow. Will it be the classic one or will you choose to take a more personal line? Or will you choose something that is so left of centre, your boyfriend is sure to go “wow”. To help you in your gift choosing endeavours, we’re going to give you a few hint and tips, and maybe inject a few gift suggestions for good measure.

Tried and tested classic Valentine’s Day gifts

Take the opportunity to put your apron on and cook up a storm.

Because as all us ladies know, the way to a man’s hearts is through his stomach. Show him how much you care by baking a cake, biscuits or cookies, or go all out and cook him a delicious five-course meal. Do you know whether he’s got any particular favourites? Now’s the time to find out, or cook some of the classic Valentine’s Day fare, such as strawberries dipped in chocolate, shortbread hearts, chocolate brownies or a chocolate souffle. If he’s more of a meat man, then make sure you find the choicest cut of his favourite and cook like you’ve never cooked before.
be my valentine

Compile a list of his favourite tunes.

This sort of gift isn’t going to break the bank, but will be a meaningful and personal present to give. Find the tunes that have a special meaning and burn them onto a CD. Alternatively, create a playlist with an online music service and give him a monthly subscription. If you’ve got a special song that you consider to be yours, make sure you include it, along with music from his favorite bands or artists. But don’t get too carried away.

Write a personalized love letter.

Love letters have gone a bit out of fashion. Rapidly replaced with sentimental text messages, eCards and Facebook notifications. Write him a letter and he’ll be able to keep it close and look at it whenever he needs reassuring. And it’s not something that the world can read. If you think you might struggle to find the right words, there are plenty of online sites that you can borrow from or that can give you inspiration.

Maybe he’d like to receive some cologne or aftershave.

Men’s fragrances are a very classic Valentine’s gift from which you can both benefit. Your lovely man will enjoy smelling sweet as a daisy, and you’ll like the scent too. Keep in mind the cologne that is already one of his favourites, and try and find a scent that is close. Also, it’s worth pointing out that one man’s perfect scent is not necessarily the same for all the male species.

Put together a gift basket of his favorite treats.

A basket filled with smaller gifts is a great option if you’re a bit worried about going all-out with one gift. A collection of small gifts in a cute container, trimmed with ribbons, tissue or cellophane, whatever you wish, will be much safer. You could fill the baskets with tasty nibbles, a good bottle of wine, or beer if he prefers, tennis or golf balls, seed packets, CD, DVD, and anything else you’re sure he’ll appreciate.

The best Valentine’s gift for a boyfriend on a theme

For the bookworm – Be a bit of a detective and find out what he’s currently reading. Then see if you can buy him a novel from the same author or in the same genre. If you’re looking online, or there is a local bookstore, knowing his current material will mean you can easily ask for recommendations. Online stores, in particular, Amazon, always add similar books to those that are being bought. If he keeps his
reading material close to his chest, then maybe you can get him a gift card. Then he can choose just what he wants.

music gift for boyfriendDoes he like to listen to music? – If your boyfriend is the kind of guy who is up with the latest trends in music, or enjoys listening to his favourites, get him a Valentine’s present that fits in with his taste. If he plays an instrument, such as the guitar or drums, buy him a new set of plectrums or drumsticks. Get him a set of cool headphones, or a subscription to a paid for music service.

Is he a gamer? – Why not buy him one of the latest releases, or a game he’s been dying to own? You could update his controller or buy him some gaming accessories.

If he loves you as much as he says he does, then any gift will bring a smile to his face and warm his heart. And don’t leave it up to him to
inject the romance into Valentine’s Day, because you can play a part too.