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Learn How to Pick the Best Engagement Gifts by Understanding the Etiquette

Purchasing wedding gifts is far easier than it ever was with the wealth of online gift sites offering all kinds of options. But what about a newly engaged couple? Are there any rules to follow when considering engagement presents? When a couple announce their engagement it’s traditional to offer congratulations, but should that extend to buying a gift?

Many people are a little confused about the etiquette for giving engagement gifts, so don’t worry if you’re one of them, you’re not alone. Which is why, before we give you some engagement gifts ideas, we’ll answer some of the questions that may be rolling around your mind.

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When is the right time to give engagement gifts?
According the ‘experts’, the bride- or groom- to-be shouldn’t expect to receive engagement gifts, apart from each those received from each other. Friends and family will naturally be giving gifts when the wedding day comes around and receiving an engagement gift should be seen as a bonus. If you’re really close to the couple there is however, nothing wrong with giving them a small token of congratulations. If the couple are throwing an engagement party a gift would definitely be the right course of action. But it doesn’t need to be elaborate or expensive.

gifts for engagementWill you be going to the wedding as well?
Not all engagement party guests will be invited to the wedding. If however you’ll be going to both you might be wise to set aside some cash for a second gift.

How many other weddings are you looking to attend?
When you’re in your mind twenties it might seem like you’ve got a wedding to attend every week. Which can get a little expensive, making it important not to splurge on each one.

How long have you known them both?
A workmate you’ve only know for a few months is going to be further down the gift food chain than your best mate you’ve known since school.

How to choose the perfect engagement gifts for a couple of good friends

When you’ve been invited to an engagement party finding the right kind of gift can be stressful. Make choosing a little easier by following a few simple tips. That way you get to enjoy yourself more at the party, rather than fretting over your engagement gifts ideas.

Keep it simple and leave room for your wedding day gift – Engagement gifts don’t have to be expensive. A gift that’s simple and personalised will be welcomed by the happy couple as much as anything else. If you go overboard with your engagement gift where can you go with their wedding gift apart from down.

Consider clubbing together for a group gift – If you’ve already got a great idea but haven’t got enough spare cash to pay for it, see if some of your friends would like to pool funds,

Don’t be afraid of being creative – If you’ve got an idea for an engagement gift that’s a little different don’t be afraid to give it a whirl. If you’ve known them for a long time you’ve probably found an engagement present they’d never even thought of.

Are there any appropriate engagement gifts?

You could always give them a gift that will get their married life off on the right track. And many couples will already be living together so a gift for their home would be perfect. There are also other gifts that would be appropriate. Such as:


  • Cooking classes for the couple – This will be a great opportunity for them to bond, and they’ll also get some good ideas for future meals they can enjoy together. Hands-on instruction and the chance to enjoy what you’ve made, and possibly even some advice on picking the wine to accompany your meal. There may be a local restaurant that offers this kind of gift, or a local college nearby with evening classes. You may even get an invite for future dinner parties when they show off what they’ve learnt.
  • Spa gift voucher – You appreciate how busy their lives are so give them the chance to relax for the afternoon and enjoy each other’s company. Many of your local spas will offer couple’s massages and some even have couple’s suites, where they can enjoy a sauna, steam bath or just the chance to relax and unwind together.
  • Dinner for two – Do you know their favourite restaurant, or their favourite style of cooking? Research local restaurants and find somewhere that offers fantastic food in a quiet and romantic setting. Make sure the value of their voucher is enough to cover the meal, and possibly even a glass or two of wine to compliment the meal.
  • Subscription to a bridal magazine – This is more of an engagement gift for her, rather than him. In fact you might put his nose out of joint when he discovers how extravagant their marriage plans are going to be.
  • Tickets to a football match – This is a gift that can be given to him along with the previous engagement gift for her. If he’s not into football maybe a voucher to spend at the local shooting range would be better.


An engagement gift for him to say thanks for the beautiful ring

Your boyfriend has just spent several months wages on your engagement ring so you should give him something nice in return to show him how much you love him. Stylish cufflinks, a trendy watch, monogrammed money clip or silk boxer shorts to wear on your wedding day would be suitable engagement presents for him.