Spoil your loved one with romantic gifts


How to Tell Your Spouse “I Love You” With Creative Valentines Gift Ideas

How many times have you told your spouse that you love them? Once, maybe twice a week? Heaven forbid you can’t remember the last time you told them. There’s one special every day when you should do everything you can to express your love for your significant other half. Tried and tested ways of expressing emotion on Valentines Day are chocolates and flowers. But you can buy those kind of gifts anytime of the year. And indeed you should really try to.

Valentine’s Day should be one occasion you go the extra mile, and there are lots of creative Valentines ideas that won’t make a huge dent in your wallet. They might take a little bit of your precious time but where’s the harm in that. Invest some time in making the occasion special and you’ll be amply rewarded.

Don’t be afraid to do something really different. Daring and exciting is good for any relationship. Better to try something new and not like it than to never try anything new at all. You can also expect to earn extra brownie points for trying your best.

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It’s not always easy to come up with interesting ideas every year, which is the main reason we created this website. To help all those star-crossed lovers, long term partners, husbands and wives make Valentine’s day truly special, time and time again and keep the love alive in your relationship and your passion ablaze. Take some time to read some of our suggestions, and you might get enough inspiration to make you a possible contender for partner of the year.

Creative Valentines ideas for him or for her

creativevalentines giftsThe ideas we’re about to mention can work equally well as Valentines gift ideas for her or for him. Some you might think downright cheesy, some purely inspiring, and some you might fancy trying out on your beloved to see what kind of reaction they’ll get. None of them are really expensive, so why not try all of them and make the whole day a celebration of love?

Temporary tattoos – You can buy a wide range of temporary tattoos online, so why not get your beloved’s name placed in a heart? Wear it on your forearm for the whole of the day. We have to admit that this is pretty corny, but sometimes corny really does work.

Sticky letters – Buy some small sticky letters and leave sentimental messages all over the home. Or use the kids magnetic spelling letters and leave a message on the fridge.

Snow art – If you’re lucky enough to have snow on the ground in February why not write some meaningful words for her in the snow? Food colouring is perfect for this kind of gift and if you can’t think of any special words to say then your initials in a heart will be perfect.

Breakfast in bed – This is always going to be a welcome gift on Valentine’s day but you can increase the meaning with a message written in the breakfast dish. A heart and initials made from syrup on the top of freshly made porridge, red pepper on an omelet that spells “I love you” are just a couple of ideas you might want to consider.

Sentimental scribbles – Use a washable red marker pen and leave her a message in the shower.

Balloons in the wardrobe – Buy some helium filled Valentines balloons and hide them in the wardrobe. When she’s ready to get dressed for work imagine the surprise when your Valentine heart comes floating out to let her know you care.

A message on the bed sheets – Buy some large felt sticky backed letters and stick them on the bed sheets while she’s asleep. When she wakes up she’ll immediately know your feelings.

Creative Valentines gifts for your favourite lady

There are lots of different Valentine’s gifts you can buy for your very special lady. Cute, romantic, unusual, humorous and creative. We mention plenty of them here of this site but the important thing to remember is that all women are different. There’s no one gift fits all when it comes to girlfriends or wives. If you like one of the ideas we’ve featured, just remember to tweek it to suit her own personal taste. Stick with the gifts you know she’ll like rather than those you’re unsure of. Let’s continue with a few more gift ideas to inspire you.

For the beauty lover – Bath products, makeup, hair products, perfume, skincare products or a complete make-over could be just the kind of Valentines gifts this lady will adore.

creative-valentines-day-giftsFor the romantic lady – We all have a different idea of what is romantic. For some it’ll be a walk along the beach, while for others it’ll be a cosy night curled up on the sofa watching her favourite romantic movies. Revisiting the location of your first date could be the kind of gift that conjures up romance, or she might prefer a weekend away somewhere exclusive.

Traditional Valentine’s gifts – Just because you’re considering sticking with traditional, doesn’t mean you can’t still try some creative Valentines ideas. At the very least make sure the flowers and chocolates you give her are half decent.

We hope you’ve found one or two of our ideas helpful, but if you’re still a little stumped mark our site as one of your favourites because we’ll be featuring plenty more interesting, imaginative and creative Valentines ideas for him and for her.