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Why Do We Give Chocolate for Valentine’s Day

By on Jan 12, 2018 in Valentine's Day Gifts

Chocolate, or as it was originally called by the Nahuatl “ Xocolatl” meaning ‘bitter water’ was originally a hot, spiced drink from the Mayan and Aztec people. Formed from cacao powder, cocoa butter and honey the original chocolate recipe created a bitter, but luxurious drink. It was this chocolate that was first introduced to Europeans from the Americas. It was much later changed to become a solid form through the inclusion of sugar, milk solids, flavours, modifiers and preservatives to form the chocolate we know today.

The Chocolate From Victorian Age Till Valentine’s Day

The Cacao Tree, Theobroma Cacao, is a member of the evergreen family and its name literally means “food of the gods”. It is interesting that chocolate has held its high status from ancient to modern times and has not always needed manufacturers to implore us to ‘Say it with chocolate’

♡ Chocolate as an aphrodisiac

Chocolate box
Montezuma, the Aztec ruler, believed drinking chocolate was an aphrodisiac. Modern science has linked the chemical phenylethylamine found in chocolate to feelings of excitement, attraction and even pleasure, so Montezuma may have been correct, though the modern scientific jury is unable yet to confirm what generations of Europeans have believed with certainty.

Christopher Columbus enjoyed the chocolate he discovered in the Americas so much that he returned from his voyage of discovery with some to gift to Queen Isabella of Spain together with gold. This new luxury, chocolate drink and its legend as an aphrodisiac quickly made its way across the aristocracy of Europe.

♡ Chocolate in the Victorian age

By the Victorian era of the late 1800’s, chocolate had made its way to the masses and in 1861, Richard Cadbury created the first ever heart-shaped box for Valentine’s Day. This began the new tradition linking chocolate and Valentine’s Day.

The Victorians were advised in books on etiquette, and encouraged by chocolate advertisers. to consider the exchange of chocolates between a man and a woman as being a declaration of affection, with a direct correlation between the amount of money spent and the intensity of emotions. This meant that a box of chocolates in multiple layers and decorated with ribbons was more a declaration of love than friendship. The link was so strong that single ladies were advised not to accept chocolates from a man they were not related or engaged to, but could play the temptress by offering the giver a taste. It was only a daring woman who would play the lead to give a man chocolate.

Gold dipped rose for Valentine gift

♡ Chocolate on Valentine’s Day

Almost three-quarters of chocolate sales for Valentine’s Day are made by men, most of whom make the purchase on the day itself, proving that when it comes to courtship, men are not that good at planning ahead. Whilst women like to have flowers delivered to work so that they can show off their floral arrangements, when it comes to chocolate, most want chocolate gifts to be delivered to their home, with most saying they would share the treats with their loved ones.

♡ Chocolate gift ideas

There are many luxury chocolate gift box selections for those who love milk or dark chocolate. Boxes of indulgent chocolate truffles and trays of sophisticated chocolate for connoisseurs. For Valentine’s Day, include some Champagne with your chocolate gift or add some flowers.

♡ Chocolate gift boxes

Luxury chocolate gift boxes present quality chocolates. This Valentine gift is more about the quality of the chocolate than the quantity, offering amazing taste sensations. If time is short, you can order online for next day delivery to their home, leaving your biggest decision to be the choice of Valentine gift: chocolate truffles, chocolate covered fruits and nuts or a milk and/or dark chocolate gift box.

Amazonian chocolate is one of a few chocolates with a high cocoa content. Chocolate above 80 percent cocoa content goes very well with a full-bodied red wine, cognac, whisky or rum. If your Valentine is getting a bottle of wine on the day, include a realistic looking chocolate wing corkscrew made from very dark chocolate.

Heart box chocolate

♡ Fun chocolate gifts

Chocolate doesn’t have to be serious. There are many fun chocolate gift shapes such as dinosaurs, or unusual chocolate flavours such as sea-salt caramel. Even if the chocolate isn’t considered special, but you know they’re your sweethearts favourite, the packaging can be personalised to be romantic, fun or sexy… or all three.

Fun chocolates you can buy include chocolates in the shape of nuts and bolts, that wrapped in silver foil look realistic, and will connect. This is a lovely way to symbolise your close relationship, or it’s a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the engineer. Chocolate is also available in a dark chocolate golf iron and white chocolate ball set, the perfect novelty gift for a golfer. Use your imagination to choose a fun chocolate gift for your special Valentine.