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Why Do We Give Chocolate for Valentine’s Day

on Jan 12, 2018 in Valentine's Day Gifts

Chocolate, or as it was originally called by the Nahuatl “ Xocolatl” meaning ‘bitter water’ was originally a hot, spiced drink from the Mayan and Aztec people. Formed from cacao powder, cocoa butter and honey the original chocolate recipe created a bitter, but luxurious drink. It was this chocolate that was first introduced to Europeans from the Americas. It was...

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Adorable Valentine’s Day Gifts For The Film Lover In Your Life

on Jan 10, 2018 in Valentine's Day Gifts

If your beloved is a film aficionado, there are some amazing gifts you can choose from for Valentine’s day. There are gifts for every film lover, whether they love contemporary or classic art house, indie, foreign or cult films. Who’s That Knocking at My Door For fans of Martin Scorsese’s debut feature film, classics Mean Streets, Taxi Driver and Goodfellas,...

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How to Buy Valentine’s Day Flowers The Right Way, According to Florists

on Jan 5, 2018 in Valentine's Day Gifts

Valentine’s day is the day for flowers. This is particularly true when Valentine’s Day falls on a weekday. Florists get more orders when Valentine’s Day falls on Tuesday through to Friday, and it’s likely this is because most women at work want a bouquet on their desk for everyone to see, wanting to see who has the best arrangement. With flowers such an important...

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Traditional Valentine’s Day Essential Gifts

on Jan 2, 2018 in Valentine's Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day means hearts and flowers, champagne and chocolate, big romantic gestures and sweet nothings. Whether you are a cynic who sees Valentine’s Day as a holiday promoted by Hallmark to boost sales in the quietest month of the retail calendar or you’re someone who loves the indulgence of Valentine’s Day, you can still show your significant...

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