Spoil your loved one with romantic gifts


The Most Amazing Valentine’s Day Gifts

Perhaps you are celebrating your first Valentine’s Day with your new partner, or perhaps it is your first February 14th together as husband and wife? Although every Valentine’s Day is a wonderful occasion for loving couples, there are some years when the event takes on an extra meaning and only the most amazing gifts will do. If this is a memorable year for you and your loved one, you will want to be certain of choosing Valentine’s Day gifts that will appropriately reflect the importance of the event. amazing-valentines-day-presentsThis is not a year for an unoriginal or tried and tested present – the special lady in your life needs to know that you put in the time and effort to choose something that is completely perfect, and that conveys your deepest sentiments at this time of year. Creative or original Valentine’s Day gifts are the best choice, and you can be confident that your wife or girlfriend will appreciate the thought that you have put into sourcing a present that is not just heartfelt, but which is a true expression of your love and esteem. If you are struggling to find inspiration for exciting and unique Valentine’s Day gifts, let us give you some ideas.


Handmade Inspirational Gifts

A handmade gift is the ideal way to bring a touch of the creative and the original to Valentine’s Day. A token which is as unique as the recipient herself is sure to delight and inspire, and what better way to impress the lady in your life this February 14th than by surprising her with a beautiful gift that brings a brand new twist to a Valentine’s Day classic? Two of the most iconic Valentine’s Day gifts are jewellery and flowers, so why not combine these two traditional tokens of love in one magnificent and luxurious present? A gorgeous gold or glazed rose set from Eternity Rose comprises a stunning natural rose, dipped in 24 karat gold or painstakingly glazed in a complex process, paired with a spectacular pendant and matching earrings, both made from real miniature rose petals that have been set in 24 karat gold. Available in a range of delightful colours, from subtle pinks and whites to vibrant reds and purples, there is sure to be one to suit every recipient, and with a choice of two styles – a timeless leaf emblem or a modern circle design, both encrusted with radiant synthetic diamonds, there is certain to be a style that is perfect for her. This is a gift that offers the best of both worlds, an ornament that will last forever as an endless reminder of this memorable occasion, and beautiful jewellery that she can wear all year round.

A Photographic Reminder of Happy Times

amazing-photo-ideas-for-valentines-dayA gift that is entirely personal to the recipient shows her how important and valued she truly is. So, what better way to convey your message of adoration to your loved one this Valentine’s Day than by reminding her of all of the most special moments that you have shared as a couple? Create your own photographic collage using images from your happiest times – perhaps your first date, your engagement, your first Christmas together, your wedding day… All of the times that capture the romance and passion between you over the years. Arrange them artistically and include other touches to personalise your gift even more, perhaps some quotes from your favourite movies, plays or books, fragments of love letters, or ten reasons why you love her more each day. The more original your present, the more she is sure to love it, so let your imagination loose and be as creative as you like.

A Weekend for Two in a Romantic Haven

When the occasion is as important as this Valentine’s Day, you need a gift that she will hold in her heart and mind for a lifetime, and what could be more memorable than a weekend break in one of the most romantic spots on Earth? Whisk her away for a surprise break in one of Europe’s most beautiful cities – Paris, Venice, Vienna or London, or really push the boat out and jet off to a far flung destination that she has always longed to see – the skyscrapers of New York, the white sands of Bali or the crystal clear seas of the Caribbean. Create wonderful memories that she will hold dear for many years to come, take the opportunity to reconnect as a couple and to share a Valentine’s Day that embodies the truly special nature of the occasion.